Each contract and each project are never the same. This being said, we appreciate that you may have a requirement for a specialist, rather than a generalist. This is where we put a nice geeky spin on things… No matter what the requirement, you can avail of individual project requirements, such as:

  • Server Support
  • Production Support (Application Support)
  • DBA Support (We’re a Microsoft house, but we’ve got you in times of need)
  • Network Support
  • Telephony Support (Specialising in Cisco UC & Avaya UC)
  • BAU (business as usual for the users who say they have restarted their PC)

The excitement keeps on coming:

  • Major Incident Management
  • Change Management
  • IT Vendor Relationship Management

For those bigger projects:

  • TDA/SA Consultancy
    • Here we provide a suite of Technical Design Architecture and Solution Architecture proposals alongside a HLD & PID doc, which can be proposed to a TAB & CAB Committee for reassurance.